Frank Nardone Hi guys, need some advice on my 1965 caddy, the Engine Coolant Crossover Manifold has all but stripped its threads, i think over the years rust has taken its toll.

While I'm at it I'd like to replace the water pump and thermostat housing.

The radiator was replaced a couple of years ago when i recon'd the engine.

Looking on the net (and difficulty in being in Australia and wrong time zone to just pick up the phone) I really cant find all the info I need:-

What do I do about the Engine Coolant Crossover Manifold, it looks like only old rusty units are available on ebay (most look much worse than mine) - is this the only solution? - is there a better way???

What is the best water pump to buy and where from?

Same for the thermostat housing, best place to buy?

What gaskets / seals do I need??

Anything to look out for?

You guys in the US would have much greater choice and knowledge that i could ever hope to have about these items.

Any help is appreciated.
Frank N