master cyliner upper control arm to frame fuel injection music Looks smaller than it is 65CaddyDriverSpeakerKickPanel There is an electric train in the background. I took 4 seconds for the picture I can enter the car easy Kick Panel Speaker Enclosures emblem shiny bike hinge germany disc brakes wheel well rubber clip bagged 65 Caddy Passenger SpeakerKick Panel grill Block p More wiring issues brakes wire wheel smc valves 4 door Ground straps 429 66 Fresh Paint 65 Deville 4dht Bushings 2014 hamburg Carter Deville plaque club switch pitch sedan deville vin 66 cowl tag decoder Pride and Joy of my cadillac 1966 deville convertible 1966 Left and right Series 75 interior Pretty though. motor der fluch new painted tunnel cut On September 13th 1983…30 years ago today this car came into my ownership. Hard to believe it has been 3 decades and slightly over 100k additional miles on the odometer since then. At the time I was 16 years old with a 17 year old fixer -pupper car to div Lowered Fire wall wires. 1965 cadillac intake manifold efi megasquirt documents Pullies Audi 100 BeforePaintJob coupe bagged lace email at bigtimetruck@gmail if interested leather 1966 deville convertible caddy Splash liner fleetwood wires door pin Paint lost in the 60s airbag 65 lowrider bower booster Wiring lights dash bird 66 carter carb red splash liner clip but I have 3 inch left in lenght black ohlsdorf caliper TPI fuel injected cadillac splat proportioning valve gold custom mint rotor riviera engine swap bug lay frame buick efi fuel injection 429 cadillac 1965 megasquirt efi megasquirt 429 cadillac fuel injected cadillac 1965 tires;whitewalls carburetor 12 lines two tone LEDs_under_dashboard LT1 air tank 66 429 sedan SDV DeVille 1966 tires Series 75 trunk Pride an Joy of my Cadillac Deville onvertible 1966 red body clip pancaked photoshoot pinup 66 Sedan de Ville trunk cemetary

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