Cadillac acceleration with calibratet 1406 edelbrock

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After different tests with my 1406 I am ready with calibrating. Perfect setup with very smooth run, perfect cold and hot start and good power when you push the pedal to the metal.
I think my temp sensor is damaged :-(, engine was hot, but look what it shows (approx. 20 degrees celcius outside)
Very cool! How did you get yourdash lights so bright and with a blue tint to them?
Thanks, the bulbs are bright white LEDs. I wanted warmwhite,
but they where not available and I made my swedentrip so I took them. The cam is not able to catch this light, so it looks blue.

Greetings from Germany, Richard
Hell Richard,

I really like the look of the LEDs. I see you live in Germany. Do you know if there is a vendor in the USA that sells these light bulbs you used in your car's dashboard display? What are the part numbers for these bulbs?

Thanks so much,

Hi Jerry,

following link from ebay:


I don´t kniow where, but somebody told me NOT to change the generatorlight, this is important for proper operation of the alternator.
Greetings from Germany, Richard
Great! Thanks for the advice on the generator light. How many bulbs did you replace in your dash?
Let me see....

2 for the clock, I think 2 for the light switch, 1 for the wiperswitch, 1 for the climate control panel, 5 for the instrument cluster (don´t know exactly, perhaps the manual helps, haven´t it here now), 1 for the ignition switch ilumination, 1 for the radio. So you have to buy 2 sets.

Only bad thing: You are not able to adjust the intensity, there are only two possibilities. For me that is no problem.

Greetings from Germany, Richard


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