My 429 Cadillac engine idle is rough and poor..help wanted...

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did you relace your vacume lines ..there is a big line on side of intake that goes back to block was aproblem on mine
Hi . All vacuum lines are triple-checked... Do ya mean that line what goes under intake manifold ? I think it is the vapor-line, with PCV - valve on it. Engine is full rebuild few years ago, all parts new in it. This same problem bothered before engine rebuild..maybe is it PCV-valve, only old part at all....
No..it wasnt PCV - valve, i replaced it. No help att all, damn it ! I'we asked some solution from hundreds of old car hobbyist,but no one can solve this. Engine shakes like Elvis... well i liked when he did it, king of rock'n roll
check fireing order or change the wires can be bad even when new happened to me


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